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Rove Featured Farms – Alien Rock Candy

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Rove Featured Farms – Alien Rock Candy for sale

Mix to an exceptional dream with Alien Rock Candy, the latest Featured indica-winning creamer from Rove. Sweet as its name suggests, the strong citrusy inhale out will disseminate the sum of your soul among the stars. Buy dime carts. Require a second from your dynamic or disagreeable day to participate in the novel spot you have in the universe.

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Raised by Alien Genetics, Alien Rock Candy is a mixture of Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien. The indica-dominating creamer was made by crossing a female Sour Dubble from B.O.G. seeds with one of the raiser’s Tahoe Alien male plants. The result is a purportedly speedy vegetating, harsh, lemon-lime, treats upgraded bud. Rove carts for sale.

1 review for Rove Featured Farms – Alien Rock Candy

  1. Albert R. Phillips

    Before i was scared to place an order, i got a lot of thoughts on my mind, was afraid i will not receive my order, scared to use your services . but i was surprised i received my order so fast than i could imagine, waooh you guys

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