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Buy Cannabiotix Vape Pen Online

Cultivator: Cannabiotix
Flavor: Earthy, citrus, floral, pungent
Effects: Relaxation, happiness, uplifted, euphoria, creativity boost, analgesic
Activities: Recreation, socializing, moderate work or physical activity, creative projects
Medical Conditions: Stress, depression, mood swings, pain, headaches, fatigue

Overall Cannabiotix makes a good cartridge. The keyword is good. From Cannabiotix I really expected best of best. I was expecting to blow away vape carts from Select OilKabunky, and Stiiizy out of the water. One of the strains I tried was Banana Treez and I forgot the other one’s name. buy cannabiotix vape pen online

Our strain specific sauce carts contain 100% sauce and are completely free of any distillate, cutting agents, or artificial terpenes. Our carts are created through a 6 week slow purge separation process in which we isolate an extracted strains Terpene fraction from its cannabinoids. We then combine and homogenize the two fractions together with the goal of creating an artisan vaping experience that delivers a full flower flavor, true to the strain.

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Wish it was like their flower

Right now their flower is world class, maybe the best in the world. I have never tried a Cannabiotix flower that was not excellent. Their vape cartridges are just not that same level. They are by no means bad or awful, they just are not as great as the flower.

Design and Build Quality: Should have used CCELL

Cannabiotix vape cartridges use a double coil cartridge system that appears to be the same one Rove cartridges use. The hits are pretty clean off this thing and it does taste very good. However, the hits are not super strong.

Love the look of the cartridges. Looks very sturdy, but this is the first one I have ever dropped and broken.

It should say on the packaging the battery needed

The first mistake here is there is nothing on the box to indicate it will not work with a regular vape battery. I tried firing up a cartridge with my CCELL Palm and it did not work. I switched over to a mod and upped the wattage to 5.5 and it worked much better. This cartridge sucks with non-mod batteries and they should warn people of that.


Packaging should state wattage, volts, something

Another problem is: how far can these carts go on wattage? There is nothing to indicate on the box what these cartridge should be run out. I tried their website, it did not work at all. I hit us up and they never replied. Not sure that they even know what the right settings are. Without the right settings, we can’t get the max out of the cartridge and risk blowing the atomizer. cannabiotix vape carts

Cannabiotix vape system uses a coiled, wicked atomizer

Below is a breakdown of the atomizer. You can see it is using a wicked and coil system. What I really liked here is it did actually have double coils as promised, but the coiles are not set in the same way as a wax pen like the Kind Pen Dream. Instead, it is one after another in a straight line. This does ensure extra efficiency was what is not absorbed by the first coil is absorbed by the second. cannabiotix vape carts

Wicked atomizers are not the preferred method.

However, a wickless system is preferred to a wicked system almost every time. The Cannabiotix vape cart also had no burning on the wick. We saw burning in our review of BaM’s G Pen Gio pods and it negatively effected taste.

Airflow was really good

The Cannabiotix vape cart had great airflow. Vape airflow is an important part of getting a good hit out of any vaping device. Adjustable airflow is a cool feature to have on a cartridge and we hope to see more of this in the future. Take a look below at the large air hole on the mouthpiece below.


Cannabiotix vape carts were pretty strong, not super strong

I thought the cartridge was a bit of a limiting factor here, and it might be because the wattage I am using is too low. Unfortunately, Cannabiotix puts no wattage info on the cartridge box, their website is down, and they do not respond on Instagram. Maybe it could be strong if I ramp it up but I also risk ruining the cartridge.

The other downside is that because it is top airflow it just does not work with some batteries, like my normal go to the CCELL Palm.

Swapped the oil to a CCELL cartridge to get a fairer comparison

Got frustrated with the Cannabiotix vape cart and I dumped it into a CCELL cart and hit it with the CCELL Palm. There we go, now I got a much better feel for the oil. It was pretty strong. buy cannabiotix vape pen online

Comparing strength to other prefilled THC vape cartridge brands

It was not as strong as carts from Select Oil, Kabunky (when not in the old CCELL carts), or getting AMA syringes and filling up blank CCELLs. buy cannabiotix vape pen online

I felt Cannabiotix was stronger than vape cartridges from: Brass Knuckles, Kushy Punch, Polaris, Cobra Extracts, and the oil in Pure Vape syringes.

Overall, I would put Cannabiotix strength in the middle high range, which matches the 77% THC content of one of the cartridges. That is not bad at all, but just not what I expected from some of the best weed cultivators in the world.


Taste was ok on the Cannabiotix cartridge

Taste on the vape cartridge was not great or bad. Again, their flower tastes great. The cart tastes OK. I rather take more strength than more added terpenes though.

Efficiency was top notch on the Cannabiotix vape cartridge

Despite the wattage not being clear, the cartridge was efficient. The holes are placed low which makes for great efficiency.

The vape cart’s bottom connection has a good build as well, but it won’t work right on a non-mod battery.

In conclusion, I was hoping this Cannabitiox vape review would be about how great they were. Unfortunately, it is more about disappointment from it not being the same level as their flower. Really though it is not a bad cartridge. It is a good vape cart, just not a great one. Normally I would say you can get more information at their website, but it has been down for a month now.




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